Monday, September 16, 2013


The biggest reason why this blog has been so empty lately is because I've been binging on a couple of television and book series: Fringe (so, should that be "binge-ing," then?) and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.  Since I'm not recapping Fringe anymore and those WoT books are so frigging huge, I just can't bring myself to post anything about them.  (Except this here, I guess.)

When I mentioned to a coworker that I was re-reading WoT, he gave me a look and asked why on earth would I want to do that to myself?  It's a valid question.  I used to love that series but after discovering George R.R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie, Jordan's charms have faded.  I mean, how many times has a woman "sniffed and crossed her arms under her breasts"?  How many times do I need to know what a completely minor character's hair color is, or the fashion he or she is wearing?  But I am a bit of a completist and since I own volumes 1-12, I feel like I should at least finish reading the damn series.  And thus I am re-reading all those books because if I were to jump right to numbers 13 and 14, I would have no idea what was happening.  I will confess that there's a fair amount of skimming going on; I'm just paying attention to the parts where something actually happens.

Now, Fringe, on the other hand, is just wonderful.  I had started recapping it back when it began but it was too much with Lost as well, so I just stopped watching.  I've picked it back up and have plowed through the end of S3 and it's just so good.  It's completely batshit crazy, of course, but they've built the mythology well and I care about the characters.  Both John Noble and Anna Torv do a great job with playing two distinct characters.  It's a lot of fun and if you like light sci-fi, it's worth delving into.  I can only hope that Sleepy Hollow, which I am attempting tonight, will follow Fringe's model.

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