Friday, May 13, 2011

Summertime Television

Summertime television used to be el sucko.  Of course, after this year's lackluster season, once the only bright spot - Justified - ran its course, there wasn't much I wanted to watch now anyway.  To be sure, I've got all the episodes of AMC's The Killing sitting in my DVR, and I've recorded a bunch of Invasions too (although I can't remember why - is it supposed to be any good?).  Burn Notice returns sometime soon too and that's nice and light and fluffy.

But what of the new cable shows, released in the summer when there's nothing on the networks?  This time around I've got a list of them that I'm willing to try, based on some geeky blog post I read somewhere:
  • Teen Wolf - 6/5 on MTV.  This remake is not surprising in the wake of Twilight.  I read something somewhere that this version is "more Incredible Hulk than Teen Wolf," but I'll give it a shot.
  • The Nine Lives of Chloe King - 6/14 on ABC Family.  From the show's site: "Chloe King is looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her friends and single mother, just like every other year…that is until she starts developing heightened abilities [FMS note: cat-like] and discovers she's being pursued by a mysterious figure. Chloe soon learns she's part of an ancient race which has been hunted by human assassins for millennia —and that she may be their only hope for ultimate survival."  Hey, I liked GREEK a lot so I'm interested to see what they do with an urban fantasy-ish series.
  • Falling Skies - 6/19 on TNT.  A post-apocalyptic humans vs. alien invaders show executive-produced by Steven Spielberg?  I have high hopes for this one.
  • Wilfred - 6/23 on FX.  You've seen the ads, right?  Frodo's got a dog.  Everyone else in the world sees an actual dog but to Frodo, it's a guy in a dog suit with an English or Aussie accent.  Could be twisted (she said hopefully).
  • Alphas - 7/11 on Syfy.  Kind of like Heroes (but only in a good way, hopefully) with a team of folks with heightened abilities.  Only this time they have government funding AND David Strathairn.
What about you guys?  What will you be watching when it's too hot to do anything else?

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