Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is a filler post

This poor little empty blog ... I'm sorry, Dear Reader[s].  Between the skiing on the weekends, and the fevered re-reading of the Dark Tower series, I've got nothing new for you here.  I will say, however, that I have reached the penultimate volume in the Dark Tower books and this is where it really falls apart, when Stephen King not only has incorporated a major character from Salem's Lot into Roland's ka-tet, indulging himself in a little retconning, but he's about to write HIMSELF in as a character.  As himself, the horror author, who's writing the Dark Tower books.  Things are about to get way too meta and self-indulgent.

I'm also two-thirds of the way through The Strain, co-written by Guillermo del Toro, and I've put up a review of that when I get there.  And I'm nearing the point in S1 of Fringe where I'll start recapping again for here.  So be patient with me, I beg ya.

In the meantime, Oscars are tonight!  I don't know why I care seeing how I haven't seen (I don't think) any of the to-be honored films.  But I've got the DVR set to record the show - which means I can FF through the more tedious bits ... I still like seeing the movie clips and the actors.  Will you be watching?


  1. I didn't watch, but I think I saw Gwyneth Paltrow signing. True? Good?

  2. Yeah, GP sang but I wasn't impressed. Seems like a vanity thing to me. The whole show was not that great: not funny, no real surprises. Colin Firth's speech was good tho' - I've had a crush on him since Pride and Prejudice.