Thursday, September 2, 2010

The rerun season is fast coming to an end

This is what will be programmed into the Mouse DVR for the fall television season, plus Mr. Mouse will probably want to add new Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs:

How I Met Your Mother (9/20)
House (9/20)
The Event (9/20)
Hawaii 5-0 (9/20)

No Ordinary Family (9/28)
The Biggest Loser (9/21)
Glee (9/21)

Modern Family (9/22)
Terriers (9/8)

Community (9/23)
The Office (9/23)

The Walking Dead (10/31)

Of course, much of this will probably get weeded out as the t.v. suckfest reasserts itself.  I really really really hope The Walking Dead is good - I'm really looking forward to it.  What will you all be watching?

* I'll end up watching Glee on Hulu, however, since all three Tuesday shows are in the same timeslot and my DVR just can't handle that.


  1. We started watching Terriers last night. Looks promising. Detroit 187 and Luther may also be on our list. We'll see. Detroit and Hawaii may fall off, but Luther and Walking Dead look promising. The League is coming back!

    Met a dog named Buster recently. His owner called him by his full name and I asked about Arrested Development. Dog's name is Buster Tobias. Yep, he's an Arrested Development dog. A lot of his commands are AD-related.

  2. I sooooooooooo miss Arrested Development. There is something wrong in the world where 2 and 1/2 Men is still on and AD is not.

    We watched Terriers last night too - Mr. Mouse gave up on it. I finished it but am not fully convinced. I am hanging a LOT of hopes on Walking Dead.

  3. I am trying to watch all the new shows right now. So far I missed Terriers and Hellcats, so I'm not off to a good start. Nikita has a good premise so far, but I'm not convinced by the cast. None of the fall shows (Walking Dead aside) have interested me at all. Luckily I have a ton of my faves returning (Glee, Community, Modern Family, etc).

  4. Totally agree: very much looking forward to the return of Glee, Community and our newest adoption to the regular lineup, MF!

  5. Hi Friend Mouse,

    I'm going to watch Fringe, Supernatural. Dexter, V and Merlin. Plus I'll give The Walking Dead, The Event, Blue Bloods and Boardwalk Empire a try. Saw the pilot of No Ordinary Family and didn't like it.
    What do you think about Supernatural and Dexter. Great shows i think.

    Greetings from Middelburg in Holland

  6. Hiya, Holland! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I looooove Dexter, altho' I'm behind since I gave up my premium channels: I still haven't seen the last couple of episodes of the Jimmy Smits season and I haven't seen ANY of the more recent/John Lithgow season that everyone says is so fabulous.

    Supernatural I've tried on and off. I'm a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and so I judge all other similar shows by that standard. I've really only seen early episodes of Supernatural and have heard that it gets much better in the later seasons - I'll have to try it again, I guess.

    Sad to hear that No Ordinary Family is weak! Still, hold out for The Walking Dead - I have faith!