Saturday, December 5, 2009

Don't abandon all hope, ye who enter here

As I mentioned here, the arrival of the in-laws is imminent and posting will be even lighter than it's been. If that's at all possible - jeesh, FM, you have gotten Lame.  But I'm promising good things to come: I've read the next Sandman volume; and since I now have a job, I've reinstated my account and have a DVD poised and ready.  It'll be Monster Squad all around ... just as soon as I can get Mr. Mouse to help me hook up the DVD player.

In the meantime, Bacon Today has a post about something that combines two of my very favorite things: bacon and alcohol.  At the Anchor Bar in Superior, Wisconsin, they're serving up the Pancake Breakfast Shot, "a shot of alcohol that tastes like a plate of syrupy pancakes with a side of bacon."  The recipe sounds a little sweet - 1/2 shot butterscotch liquer, 1/2 shot strawberry schnappes, strip of crispy bacon to soak; served chilled or room temperature - and if I were to try it at home, I think I might go with a fruit-flavored vodka instead of the schnappes.  The Bacon Today reviewer called it a winner and I'm thinking it might be a nice addition to a Sunday brunch sort of meal.

And over at the Candy Dish Blog, there's a post entitled "Is Bacon Pushing Chocolate Aside?" that's interesting (it says that no, of course not, there's room for both!) and has links to an NPR article about bacon in desserts that includes some dandy-sounding recipes (candy, cake, cookies and fudge).  Click through and check them out!

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