Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Thanks to Pop Candy, I just found out about Roger Corman's new horror web series, Splatter. It stars Corey Feldman and after each episode, you can vote online as to who gets killed off next. Except Corey Feldman, I guess: the trailer shows him shooting himself and then transformed into a zombie, so I don't know if he's fair game or not. The first episode (of three) goes online October 29.


  1. I need to check this out. Sounds like fun. Since Feldman's a zombie, maybe they can set it up so he gets gruesomely killed every week but keeps returning. That'd be fun for a while.

    BTW, our state fair was in town last week. After I get thru my Week of Reel Whorror, I plan to post pics of me trying chocolate dipped bacon and a bacon-chocolate cupcake!

  2. Bacon-chocolate cupcake! Now I'm going to be drooling all day!

    And I like your idea of killing Feldman off each week. Many people would derive enjoyment from that, I think.