Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

The fall viewing season is rapidly approaching - thank goodness there'll be new t.v. soon! I've trimmed down my schedule a bit (in part because I may be giving up my DVR for a while (nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!)) but Mondays are still triple-booked at the 8:00 p.m. (EST) slot ... here's what'll be on at the Mouse House:

8:00 - How I Met Your Mother (CBS/Sept. 21), House (Fox/Sept. 21), Heroes (NBC/Sept. 21)
10:00 - Castle (ABC/Sept. 21)

8:00 - V (ABC/Nov. 3)
9:00 - The Biggest Loser (NBC/Sept. 15)

9:00 - Glee (Fox/Sept. 9)

8:00 - Flashforward (ABC/Sept. 24)
9:00 - The Office (NBC/Sept. 14)

9:00 - Dollhouse (Fox/Sept. 25)

Also, Lost comes back to ABC in "early 2010" and darling little Better Off Ted (also ABC) will return "later."

So, also, thank goodness that I can probably catch Heroes online because even if I do keep the DVR, I can't access three shows at once and Heroes, since it has been so entirely el sucko lately, will just have to wait. Yes, I will continue to slog through the recaps for you because I am eternally hopeful that the writers will get their heads out of their asses and bring this show back to its shiny S1 potential. But you just know that's not going to happen because (1) the dang trailers are ALL focusing on frakking Hiro and his stupid time-travelling and (2) I've heard that Claire Bennet is going to have a bi-curious relationship when she goes off to college.

Now, I am absolutely in favor of same sex relationships on popular television shows. Done correctly (BtVS, Torchwood, etc.), they are healthy, normal, not titillating and something that is lacking from mainstream programming. But I have no faith whatsoever that Heroes will handle this well: it's going to be the blonde cheerleader snogging another girl for ratings. It'll be bullshit and, worse, it'll be damaging to those folks who are trying to portray same sex relationships in a positive and unsensational light. Stupid Heroes.

Enough ranting. What will you be watching?


  1. I'm very excited about V. Glee is also a must see for me. I'll be returning to House, Castle, Bones, 30 Rock, Dollhouse and Smallville (the last one b/c I'm a glutton for punishment).

    I figure I'll keep watching Fringe though I'm not sure why. I need to pick back up on Ugly Betty, but I have to wait and finish S3 first.

    Do you watch Mad Men? Addicted!

  2. Wow: someone who still watches Smallville ... y'all are an endangered species for sure.

    I haven't started Mad Men yet - long wait for S1 on my Netflix - but I am really anxious to see it.

  3. I know. The sad thing is I watch and I complain incessantly. I guess I keep hoping they'll return to the Pa Kent glory days but it never happens. If it were a 10-12 ep season where they'd cut the filler, it'd be a great show. Still, as long as Erica Durance is on the show, the guy in me must watch!

    I got lucky w/ Mad Men and a friend let me borrow thru S1 & 2. I barreled thru S1 and my wife got hooked by the S1 finale. Now we both watch S3 every week.