Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bacon bits

I recently heard the question "has bacon jumped the shark?" Horrified, I hit the interwebs and found that yes, some people are tired of all the recent bacon press. This, to me, is just proof that aliens walk amongst us.

I, obviously, believe that you can never have too much bacon:

Bacon Today has a recent post about bacon paintings.

My Cuzzin Hannah let me know that she tried a rauchbier at Chuckanut Brewery (Bellingham, WA) and it had a definite essence of bacon - and so she thought of me. How sweet!

In support of this, Friend of the Blog Kevin C. found a link to an article on rauchbiers, described as “liquid bacon,” just as my cuzzin said. He also checked out BeerAdvocate and found a review for an actual "bacon beer" on tap at the Front Street Ale House / San Juan Brewing Co. in Friday Harbor (also in WA - I'm beginning to think that Washington State is a haven for bacon-lovers).

Friend of the Blog Jessica R. recently had fantastic eggs drizzled with bacony goodness for breakfast at the Front Room.

And now, after all of this, I have a wicked craving for a BLT. Off to the kitchen!


  1. Yes, you and Tara would get along great. When she was really young, a teacher asked her class to draw their favorite food. She drew bacon and hasn't looked back.

  2. I've got a new one for you. Daily Show did two segments on Baconnaise and Baconnaise Lite! Check it out:

  3. Oh dear - I hadn't seen those. I have still tears in my eyes from the Baconnaise Lite. Awesome.