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Heroes recap: “Four Months Ago” – airdate 11/12/07 (S2E8)

The dropping: We get some insight as to how Peter ended up in Ireland with no memories and no shirt, how DL died, why Nathan is haunted by a badly burned vision of himself, why the authorities are after Maya and Alejandro and just why Elle seems like such a scary little girl. The Haitian remains an enigma, however. Also, not a peep out of Hiro, Claire or Mohinder.

In that warehouse in Montreal, Adam tells Peter that the Haitian stripped him of his memories and that by juicing up on Adam’s healing powers, he can heal himself of his amnesia. Peter takes out the photo of himself and Nathan and stares at it, triggering a flood of memories. Cool – this whole episode is going to be a flashback!

Remember when Nathan grabbed Peter and flew straight up out of NYC with him, right after Peter defeated Sylar? Well, up there in the sky Peter explodes just as he pulls free of his brother. Caught in the blast, Nathan falls, burned and unconscious, until a sooty but whole Peter swoops him up and flies off with him. At the hospital, DL makes it through the surgery (did he get shot in the season finale last year? I can’t remember but that sounds right). Niki finds out that Bob has paid for DL’s surgery and he offers to help her with her “illness.” She doesn’t want to be away from her family to take the in-house cure so Bob offers her some drugs she can take at her own home, although he does warn that there are side effects. She’s so desperate to be rid of Jessica that she takes him up on it even so.

In the Dominican Republic, Alejandro is getting married and Maya is not that happy about it. The party is rockin’ though – great music. Maya thinks her brother should have known his wife longer than four months before marrying her. As I watch the bride sneak off with her ex-boyfriend, I think Maya might be right. Maya finds her new sister-in-law screwing her ex and she loses it, eyes filling. The whore bride and the guy fall down dead. Eyes streaming black, Maya staggers outside and – holy shit – the whole party is dead. Hundreds of people. That’s one scary-ass power. Alejandro runs up, asking what happened. Maya stammers that she thinks she killed them all and runs off. Peter brings a horribly burned Nathan into the hospital. He’s got Season 1 hair and it’s so funny. As he wanders the hospital corridors, Bob and Elle pop out behind him. She zaps Peter and he falls. “Did you have to use the full blast on him?” complains Bob. “He can take it,” smirks Elle.

Some time later Peter regains consciousness because Elle is giving him nasty little jolts of electricity. There’s a long scene with them, Bob and the Haitian whereby Bob promises that the Company is close to a cure for these powers. If Peter stays with them, they’ll give him a cocktail of drugs to suppress the powers until the cure is finalized. Peter’s a dope so he agrees and they lock him up. Elle is creepy and totally invades Peter’s personal space. Hands, hands! Kristen Bell does nasty quite well although she can’t resist a little scenery-chewing. Angela Petrelli visits her older son in the hospital and he is gruesomely charred. I can’t help thinking that an actual person (as in not a TV character) could not have survived such burning. Elle gives Peter his Season 2 haircut and feeds him the power-suppression pills, and then shocks him as she goes, promising him that he’ll start to like the pain soon enough. After she leaves, Adam introduces himself to Peter through the air vent between their cells.

Three months ago. Niki is completely stoned on the Company’s suppression pills at Micah’s birthday. DL promises her that it will all be worth it, she should just hang in there. Plus he’s distracted because he has a new job that will make Micah proud of him. It occurs to me that while I certainly enjoying no Mohinder in this episode, there’s too much Niki. Adam, who is quite good at gaining Peter’s trust, disabuses his neighbor of the notion that they are in a research facility: he himself has been in there for thirty years. He suggests that Peter try to get out of the facility if he thinks it isn’t really a prison.

Two months ago. Elle, wearing some fierce dominatrix stilettos, shows up for her daily Peter visit. He allows her to give him a little shock and she gets way too much enjoyment out of it. He asks what her story is, perhaps more than the “sadistic lightning thing.” She considers, then tells him: she burned down her grandma's house at age 6; she caused a four-county blackout at age 8; her 9th birthday was spent in a glass room hooked up to a lithium IV. She has lived in this facility for 16 years, is currently 24 years old and has been diagnosed as a “sociopath with paranoid delusions - but they were just out to get me because I threatened to kill them.” Okay, that’s funny.

Also two months ago. What is Mrs. Petrelli’s power again? I can’t remember and I think it may be important. In Las Vegas, Niki has a new job as a car salesman. Unfortunately, she dumped her meds down the drain before the last commercial break. Surprise! Instead of Jessica appearing in the mirror, it’s another personality – Gina - who takes over her body, trapping Niki back in the mirror. Gina’s heading to L.A. to play. Peter tries to get a visit with his family but Bob refuses all his requests. After Bob leaves, Peter’s on board with what Adam’s been telling him. Adam tells him that he wants to save the world: his blood has curative powers and he could help people. He proffers that he could heal Nathan of his horrible burns and that, my friends, is enough for our boy Peter. DL, it turns out, has become a firefighter. He rescues a little girl from a burning building and becomes this big hero, even though he carelessly he phases through a wall right in front of people. Micah is so proud of his dad! However, when DL gets home, he sees the note from his wife sayings she’s going to Los Angeles.

One month ago. When Elle comes to give Peter his drugs, he tosses her on his bed and plants a big ol’ kiss on her. She gets totally turned on and sparks him with her lips. The kiss, electricity notwithstanding, is pretty damn hot. After she leaves, Peter spits out the pills (he’s been off the pills for the last five days) and he manages to phase into Adam’s cell. After the official introductions, they head out to heal Nathan, Adam holding onto Peter as he phases through the walls. Alejandro finally catches up to his sister in Venezuela and he’s brought a policeman with him. Maya freaks, killing the cop with her black eye-goo, but when Alejandro grabs her hands, he brings her out of it and they realize they’re connected in this power. They’re twins, right? I forget. DL finally catches up to Niki at some cheesy L.A. nightclub. She regains control of her body when he shows her a photo of their family and she asks him to take her home. Unfortunately, the skanky guy she was dancing with doesn’t like this and shoots DL pointblank in the chest, not giving him the chance to phase the bullet through him. And that’s how DL dies.

Three weeks ago. At DL’s funeral, Lt. Uhura tells Niki that she will help her any way she can. As the relatives leave, Bob walks up to the door and Niki nods at him. The Adorable Duo, Adam and Peter, sneak into Nathan’s room. Adam injects a syringeful of his own blood into Nathan’s IV and Nathan’s scars almost immediately begins to fade. Adam is anxious to go, however, knowing that Bob and the Company heavies will come to the hospital looking for them. Sure enough, Elle and the Haitian show up. Adam mutters the address of the Montreal warehouse rendezvous to Peter and they split up. Elle hits each of them with a bolt of electricity that catches Peter’s shirt on fire. So he takes it off - finally! He runs, ending up in a lot of cargo containers, the Haitian right on his heels. The Haitian punches Peter around, handcuffs him to the cargo container and then slips his own helix necklace over Peter’s head. The Haitian tells Peter that he is not taking him back to the Company and that he is helping him now because Peter’s mom once helped him when he was in need. He strips Peter of his memories and locks him in the container. Meanwhile, I wonder how Adam got away from Elle. They don’t show us.

Now the timeline is all screwy. Mrs. P walks into Nathan’s hospital room and he is fully healed and beautiful again, but with a haunted look in his eyes. Niki says thank you to Bob as she walks down a Company corridor with her luggage, but he is noncommittal and it is unclear whether she is leaving or just arriving. Maya, Sylar and Alejandro drive through the desert – which we’ve seen before. Nathan, in a downpour, arrives at what looks like the Irish pub where Peter met Caitlin, apparently on the trail of his missing brother. Then we’re back in the Montreal warehouse with Peter and Adam, Peter just having remembered all his past. “Shall we save the world?” asks Adam. Peter’s like, hell yeah.

Next week: Mr. Bennett shoots someone else – either Bob, Elle or Mohinder. I sure hope it’s not Elle.

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