Saturday, July 7, 2007

Knocked Up - mini-review

We finally got around to seeing Knocked Up last night and I'm going to score it the way I would score The 40-Year Old Virgin: screamingly funny in some parts but about twenty minutes too long. Bonus points for keeping my husband awake for the entire movie; Little Miss Sunshine was the last movie we saw together and he fell asleep three minutes after the start. There may have been beer involved. I'm just saying.

I have recently become a big Seth Rogen fan, since about a month ago when I re-watched the entire Freaks and Geeks series. It was very nice to see him exhibiting some acting range here, which he didn't really get to do in 40YOV or You, Me & Dupree (I suppose scene-stealing in those movies can't really count as range). Katherine Heigl did a great job - she's come a LONG way since Roswell. I didn't really care for Leslie Mann - too shrill and screechy - but that's the way the part was written, not the actress's fault. And I absolutely did not recognize Martin Starr: Bill Haverchuck from F&G and the hairy bearded guy in this movie ... he's aged well!

One final note: giant beer-snob kudos to Paul Rudd (I love Paul Rudd) for drinking Sierra Nevada throughout the movie.


  1. Didn't realize Rogen was in "You, Me & Dupree" - I've avoided it since it looked like crap, but may have to give it a chance if he's in it much.

  2. Oh, it's pretty much crap - you're right on there. Rogen has a very small part as one of Matt Dillon's henpecked friends.