Sunday, April 29, 2007

The first entry

I've been thinking about doing this for a long time. A really long time. Bought Blogging For Dummies over a year ago and actually read it cover-to-cover on a plane ride. I had great difficulty figuring out a theme for the blog, however; I'm not much of a navel-gazer so an online diary was never an option. Lately, tho', I've had friends either forget to set their DVRs or not have enough time to watch television shows for which missing an episode is NOT an option. They asked for a recap of the episode in question and I obliged - because I watch too much t.v. And after a couple of recaps, I was told that I was good enough that they weren't even going to bother watching the ep - they'd just take my word for it.

Now, I am absolutely not trying to compete with Television Without Pity - one of my all-time most-visited sites (please check them out!). I am not nearly as funny as their recappers; I do not have the time to inexhaustibly reproduce episodes practically line by line for pages and pages; I couldn't possibly cover as many shows as they do; I don't have a beta-reader. I simply like a small number of shows and don't mind summing them up in a few, quickly-read paragraphs.

Pluswhich, I'm severely genre-limited. I like Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Veronica Mars, X-Files, Dead Like Me, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Heroes ... you get the picture: mostly fantasy/sci-fi, and largely with plot-heavy, character-heavy shows. I feel that reality t.v. is the bane of all existence, that it has singlehandedly ruined television; I keep waiting for the fad to die out (remember when all that was on were "Millionaire" clones?) but it doesn't even seem to frackin' falter.

Anyway, rant over and welcome to the blog. Oh, who is "Friend Mouse?" At the risk of losing all my tough guy street cred (ha!), Friend Mouse was an imaginary friend I had growing up: an invisible, kid-sized mouse. He was a constant for many years; I grew up in the woods at the end of a half-mile dirt road with no neighbors and only a little brother for company. Yes, we had running water and electricity. And yes, I had a good imagination back then. Here's hoping it continues to pipe up every now and again so y'all don't get completely bored.


  1. Awww... friend mouse is sweet. You should draw a picture of what you imagined him to look like. I'm trying to imagine a Peter Rabbit looking mouse, but then I think he could be a big city rat. No, no, I'm sure he must have been cute. He sounds cute. So you are anti-reality tv... does that mean no recaps of Paris and Nicole go to Camp? Aww man, I love that show. Maybe I'll start a blog recapping Paris and Nicole and what was featured on QVC the night before. LOL... okay just kidding. (fyi...last night was Joan Rivers makeup on QVC and Paris and Nicole went to a fat camp run by "stop the insanity!" 90's diet guru Susan Powter. Good stuff. :) Love the blog! Congrats you little crazy mouse with a voice. - Lynda

  2. Yay, LEY! You are my very first comment and, as such, will occupy a place in the Friend Mouse Hall of Fame forever. I imagine FM looking like a person-sized Beatrix Potter mouse. He was a good friend. BTW, you should recap Paris/Nicole/QVC ... I think there's a niche there just waiting for you. xoA