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True Blood episode recap S6E6 "Don't You Feel Me"

Bill senses Sookie's distress while Lafayette-possessed-by-her-father tries to drown her and he sends Warlow (or just lets him go) to rescue her.  Warlow pulls Sookie out of the swamp and zaps Lafayette with some of his faerie light, releasing him from the spirit's thrall.  Sookie growls that she wants her father to get the fuck out of her life.  Done and done.  Afterwards, Bill summons Warlow back to him.  The faerie/vampire struggles against it, vomiting blood.  Sookie grabs his hands and spirits them both into the faerie realm where Bill/Lilith cannot reach Warlow.  Bill is not happy about losing Warlow and when he discovers that Jessica is missing too, he gets worried.

At vamp camp, Eric and Pam stare at each other.  In the observation room, the humans are getting restless.  Sarah snaps that she was assured that this would get violent.  Eric and Pam seethe, rising into the air.  And then, of course, instead of attacking each other they manage to stab the two guards hidden behind panels.  Eric pulls one of the guards out, presses him up against the one-way glass and impales him with the wooden stake, shattering the glass.

Jason strides into the LAVTF and [hilariously, Ryan Kwanten is hilarious] impresses the recruiters with his knowledge and vampire-killin' prowess.  Meanwhile, Bill tells his captive scientist to put him into a coma so that he can communicate with Lilith.  The frightened scientist agrees to it (although why he wouldn't just kill Bill once incapacitated I'll never know).  Somewhere else, Sam and Nicole argue about what to do about Emma, who is sad and misses her grandmother.  Nicole's all, you can't just run and run with her.

In the faerie realm, Warlow tells Sookie that he can sense the sundown coming in the real world and since his vampire half is stronger at nighttime, he may not be able to control himself around her.  So she ties him up.  Okay, she says, now what.  We could talk, he suggests. OH DEAR GOD NO TALKING.  Meanwhile, Alcide's dad called, telling him about Sam and Nicole.  Of course, it's hours later and they have gone.  Alcide creepily sniffs the bed so he can track them.   And then, back in Bon Temps, Bill is in his coma-hallucination, searching for Lilith, and Andy's daughter asks him to give her an actual name instead of just calling her #4.  They go with Adalind (plus three other names so she can carry her three sisters with her but who cares).

On the other side of town, Lafayette is smoking some weed and enjoying some downtime when Terry knocks on his door.  Terry gives him the key to his safety deposit box and Lafayette, freaked out somewhat, at first doesn't want to take it.  But he sees something in Terry's eyes and finally accepts it. Terry gives him a big hug and thanks him and then runs off.  Lafayette immediately calls Arlene to let her know.  Arlene freaks out, hanging up the phone, sure that Terry is about to commit suicide.  Holly tries to calm her down and offers up this idea:  what if we were to get a vampire to forget about the war and all his troubles?  Arlene's like, OMG, why didn't I think of that before?  Holly gets on the phone to call a vampire friend of hers who owes her a favor.

Back in faerie land, Warlow is all, I've been waiting for you for thousands of years.  And Sookie's all, and you just think you can waltz in her and make me your faerie vampire princess?  He's smitten, saying that they wouldn't need anybody else ever, they could just feed off each other and no one else would ever get hurt.  Sookie: But I'd be a vampire.

They have put Eric in a cage at vamp camp and the Governor dances around, excited to inflict some retribution.  They wheel Nora in, strapped to a table.  The Governor says that he wants Eric to feel the same immeasurably loss that he has in losing Willa.  So they inject Nora with a big ol' dose of Hepatitis V, which they have been testing in the lab.  She's their first host.

UGH.  Bill wants answers from Lilith but she is not in the mood to answer when he's being such a twat.  She snarls, "The time to act is now.  Do not come to me seeking answers again."  And I'm all, the writers have no idea what to do with Lilith now, do they?

Sam has called Martha to come get Emma.  She promises that she won't go back to the pack but will keep the little girl safe.  Emma is sad to say goodbye to Sam but is happy to go with her grandmother.

At the Bellefleur mansion, the vampire glamours Terry, telling him to forget the terrible past, the terrible choices he made.  Arlene prompts him to forget the Marines and the war and all he needs to know is that he's a father, a stepfather, a husband and a cook.  Of course, now Terry has no remembrance of asking Whatsisname to kill him.  But he is happy and at peace and Arlene snuggles into his arms contentedly.

Jason has been inducted into the LAVTF corps and brought into the vamp camp.  When Sarah Newlin sees him, she is taken aback.  She's all, what the hell do you think you're doing?  He says that he's here to get Jessica out and if she gets in his way, he'll tell the Governor about what happened between the two of them and what a whore for Christ she is.  I'm pretty sure that Sarah is not going down without a fight.

Sam and Nicole are looking at a map, planning their next move when Alcide shows up.  He gets in Sam's face but Sam stands up to him.  Alcide is acting like a real tool but eventually backs down and lets them go, saying they should leave Louisiana and never come back because he can't protect them from his pack.  Of course, that's not completely realistic seeing how Sam's house and business are in Louisiana, but Alcide isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, we all know that.

Bill comes out of his coma and decides that time has run out.  He drinks all the blood he took from Warlow and sets off on his mission, striding out into the daylight and - lo and behold - not bursting into flame this time.  (Wonder how long this will last?)

At the vamp camp, Jason is about to see just how bad ass Sarah Newlin has become.  She brings Jason to the observation room for the copulation study; the two vampires in the study are some nice young fellow named James and, of course, Jessica.  Jessica is terrified.  James knows what is going on and tells her what the humans want them to do.  He's a nice guy, however ("I'm a vampire, not a rapist") and refuses to do it so Sarah has him hit - several times - with a U/V spotlight, burning him.  Jessica can't stand to watch him being burnt and she starts taking off her clothes, saying she'll do it.  (All this time, Jason is horrified, uncomfortable, watching.)  James continues to refuse and after a few more hits with the light, they take him away while Jessica trembles.  In the observation room, Sarah smiles smugly at Jason.

At Bon Temps, Terry is happy and helpful and at peace with himself.  Arlene is so happy that he is so happy.  Terry takes out the garbage and - of course - a shot rings out.  Arlene and Lafayette run out.  Terry is on the ground by the dumpster, gasping like a fish while his life's blood pumps out of the bullet hole in his neck.  They don't even try to save him.  Arlene kneels next to him, drawing him into her arms, speaking softly to him about their family.  And then he's gone.

At the Governor's mansion, the Governor is in the garden reading from the Bible when Bill strides up.  When they recognize him as a vampire, the guards shoot at him.  All their bullets have no effect, however, and he commands/glamours them to cease fire, and then aim at each other, and then they all shoot each other dead.  Bill advances on the Governor who is understandably blathering about how this can be happening in the daylight.  Bill grabs the man, drinks from his neck for a moment and then rips his head off.  Thus endeth the Governor.  I'm guessing Sarah will step up as the big bad for the rest of the season.

Nora is deteriorating rapidly, bleeding and veiny.  Eric's all, I'll take care of this.  He summons Willa who, as the Governor's daughter, is able to get some alone time with a guard.  She glamours the guard and gets into Eric and Nora.  Here's how they move throughout the compound: Eric is dressed in the guard's uniform/armor, Nora is dressed in a doctor's coat and they can open the locked doors, which have fingerprint sensors, because they have torn off that doctor's hand and AWESOMELY carrying it around with them, casually passing it back and forth.  Eric's priorities are Nora and Pam; Will insists on Tara and Jessica too.  Eric needs to figure out WTF first, however, and makes his way into the Tru Blood plant portion of the compound where he sees that they are contaminating all of the Tru Blood with the Hep V: Sarah and the Governor's plan is to infect vampires on a global scale.

OH DEAR GOD.  Back in faerie land, Sookie is all, I have these feelings for you that I don't want to have - I'm a big ol' danger whore - but I'm thinking I might as well just go for it.  She strengthens Warlow's bonds so he can't break free, then allows him to feed on her.  Then she pulls off his pants and strips naked [and holy crap, Anna Paquin gave birth to twins, right?  Because DAMN she looks amazing] and climbs on top of him.  The music is RIDICULOUSLY romantic and this scene is just foolish.  Sookie wriggles around, making sure her pleasure is being taken care of and all this faerie light bursts out of their groins as Warlow gasps.

This show is so foolish.

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