Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Walking Dead S4E10 "Inmates" 2/16/14

In which we get to catch up with EVERYBODY else.

As Daryl and Beth tromp through the woods, we are treated to a Beth voice-over, reading from her diary that she started after they found and moved into the prison.  She is happy about having her own room, looking forward to planting gardens with her dad and generally hopeful about living in a safe place for the rest of their lives.  And then the Governor happened, and blew everything up, and cut her dad's head off, and now she's tromping through the woods with Daryl.  They sit by their campfire and Beth is still hopeful, saying that they can - and should - track the others.  Daryl is being rather silent and morose, so Beth says she'll track by herself.  Daryl sighs, stomps out the campfire and follows after her.  They find a trail and follow it (at some point there's a bit of dead-looking something in a fallen log; the camera pauses on it so it's probably important but I can't make out what it is), killing random walkers here and there, tag team style.  They come to a railroad track where there are several zombies munching on some recently dead folks.  Daryl and Beth dispatch the zombies and then Beth catches sight of a child-sized hiking boot.  She bursts into tears, her remaining hope dissipating.  Daryl doesn't quite know what to do to console her, seeing how he doesn't look all that far from despair himself.

A slightly wounded Tyrese has found himself in charge of kindergarten: he has Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith (not dead!) in tow.  He looks exhausted, unable to really rest himself since he has to take care of all these little girls.  Judith is fussy and scared, crying noisily which makes Mika nervous that walkers might hear.  They stop to give Judith her bottle and Lizzie finds two baby rabbits hiding in a fallen log.  While Tyrese and Mika are otherwise engaged, Lizzie kills the bunnies with her knife (the dead-looking things in the log from the Daryl and Beth scene), so we know she's still a little disturbed.  They keep moving, trying to stay ahead of the roaming walkers, until they hear some screams in the distance.  Tyrese hands Judith to Lizzie and his gun to Mika, telling them to watch for walkers and to run to him if they see any.  Mika pleads with him not to leave them but he says he has to try to help whoever is screaming.  After Tyrese goes, Judith starts crying and they hear movement in the underbrush.  Mika starts to panic, telling her big sister to keep the baby quiet.  Lizzie puts her hand over Judith's mouth to quiet her, partially covering her nose.  The baby snuffles and we're supposed to think that Lizzie would kill Judith without a thought.

Tyrese, meanwhile, has made his way to the railroad tracks where several humans are being murdered by several zombies.  Even though Tyrese puts the walkers down, he is too late to keep the people from getting bitten/eaten.  He hears a noise behind him and turns around to find Lizzie and Mika ... with Carol, who is carrying the still-alive Judith.  Thrilled to see a friend (whom he does not know killed his fever-ridden girlfriend), he rushes up to Carol and gives her a huge hug.  She is slightly nonplussed until she realizes that Rick did not [have the chance] to tell Tyrese about her.  The two adults and three little girls keep walking along the tracks until they come to a sign that offers sanctuary to any humans who can make their way there.

Maggie is with Sasha and Bob.  They've found a good location along a small river and while Sasha and Bob want to make camp there.  Maggie says, okay, great, but I'm going to find Glen.  The other two don't want to separate and are forced to follow her.  They find the school bus not too far from the prison.  The bus is full of zombies and Maggie is horrified, then resolves to go through the walkers one by one, to see if her husband (?) is among them.  Sasha and Bob begin by letting the zombies out of the back of the bus one at a time while Maggie takes a look and then puts them down.  But the crush of walkers inside the bus is too great and the zombies come tumbling out.  It's a massacre as Maggie, Sasha and Bob hack, slash and smush the walking dead.  When they're all dead, Maggie forces herself to climb aboard the abbattoir bus to check for Glen's remains.  She finds one other zombie (which she kills) but no sign of Glen.  Streaked with blood and zombie muck, poor Maggie sits down and cry-laughs hysterically.

Glen regains consciousness on a ragged slab of concrete: he is still at the prison, dozens and dozens of zombies milling around, reaching for him.  (When did he get off the bus?)  He shouts for Maggie but of course gets no answer, so he goes back inside the prison, making his way back to the residential cellblock.  There he goes from cell to cell, stocking up with his helmet and riot gear, weapons, ammunition, lighter and food.  Thus outfitted, he goes out into the courtyard.  He is swarmed by walkers but makes his way clear ... until he catches sight of Tara (Lily's lesbian sister from the two Governor-centric episodes), huddled behind some chainlink fence.  He almost leaves her there but has a change of heart and rouses her, making sure that she's sane/not dangerous and handing her a gun.  They make their way out of the prison to the road.  Tara asks him why he would want her help after she followed the Governor.  Glen says he doesn't want her help but he needs it to find his wife.  A bunch of zombies come after them out of the woods and Glen and Tara fight them off.  Afterwards, however, Glen collapses.  Tara tries to shake him awake and then is forced to take out one more zombie.  As she's beating its head in with the stock of Glen's rifle, a Humvee drives up.  Tara finishes the walker and looks up, snarling, "Enjoy the show, assholes?"  Three bad-ass-looking people come out, toting guns.  The baddest ass sneers, "You got a damn mouth on you.  What else ya got?"

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