Thursday, May 30, 2013

True Blood episode recap "Me and the Devil" S4E5

Correction from last recap:  Tommy doesn't actually kill his parents until this episode.  It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but I thought I should admit the error (but am too lazy to go back and edit the post.)  Tommy feels pretty badly about killing his momma.  Joe Lee, not so much.

After Marnie cursed Pam and Pam ran off, Lafayette and Tara are terrified that they've just gone and pissed off yet another vampire.  Marnie says that the witch spirit took her over - it wasn't her fault.  On the other side of town, Hoyt and Jessica get Jason back to his house and put him to bed.  Jessica is acting a little distant so Hoyt decides to stay and watch over his best buddy and sends her on home.  Over at Sookie's house, Eric has a dream about Godric which upsets him so Sookie snuggles with him to calm him down.  She does find this whole situation a little funny, given Eric's real personality.  I don't find it funny: I find it boring and gross. I like evil, sexy Eric.

Pam goes to see Bill, her poor, rotting face covered in a veil.  Bill: "Oh good, the world needs more beekeepers."  Heh.  Then she shows him what's happened to her and asks permission to torture and kill the "mousy little bitch who cast this spell."  He says his hands are tied since the Vampire Authority has forbidden any vampire-on-human violence.  Pam whimpers, frustrated.

Tommy goes to Sam, his parents' bodies in the back of his van.  Sam agrees to help him hide them.  They decide to sink the bodies in the swamp but Andy Bellefleur pulls them over because he's kind of an ass.  He sweats Sam a little bit while Tommy hides in the van.  When Andy yanks open the van doors, Tommy has cleverly shifted into a big ol' cranky gator which scares the sheriff.  Sam says that he found that gator by his dumpster and is taking it back to the swamp where it belongs.  Andy lets him go without question.  The brothers dispose of Melinda and Joe Lee's bodies with no further problems. That was actually a great, funny scene.

While waitressing, Sookie reads Holly's mind and learns Marnie's name.  After her shift,  Sookie stops by the Moongoddess Emporium and badgers Marnie into giving her a psychic reading.  She mind-reads the witch a bit, learning that Gran's spirit is hovering nearby, warning her granddaughter to stay away from this woman.  Sookie always listens to her Gran (or so she claims) and books it on out of there.  Meanwhile, Jason learns that tomorrow night is a full moon and he's afraid he's going to turn into a werepanther.

Bill's goons go to the Moongoddess Emporium and snatch Marnie, bringing her back to the cells in the basement of Bill's mansion.  Once there, she gets another flashback/vision of that Spanish witch, the spirit who keeps possessing her; in the flashback, vampires dressed as Catholic priests rape and feed off the witches.  It's pretty grim.  Afterwards, Bill questions Marnie via the intercom system but she can't explain how she enchanted Eric and Pam.  He tries glamouring her.  No luck - she still doesn't know how the spirit did it.

Jesus and Lafayette travel to Mexico to see Jesus's scary brujo grandfather, hoping he can help them access their powers to combat the dark forces up in Bon Temps.  Back up in Louisiana, the alpha of the Shreveport  wolfpack, Marcus, stops by Alcide's house and makes his presence known, saying Alcide needs to register with the pack.  Alcide says he's currently exploring free agency and sends Marcus packing, so to speak.  Debbie wants to check out the pack, however.

As Terry and Arlene snuggle post-coitally, a pack of matchs on the mantle spontaneously bursts into flame.  Also, Jason has a sex dream about Jessica which starts out well enough ... and then dream-Hoyt pops up to observe and commentate ... and then dream-Jessica morphs into Hoyt writhing on top of Jason.  Jason wakes up: "Oh my gravy!"  OH MY HELL schmoopy Eric asks Sookie, why do you like me when I was such an awful person, and Sookie is all, I knew you could change and I like it.  BLECH.  Then they start making out and the music crescendos cheesily.

Bill assembles the four remaining Louisiana vampire sheriffs and tells them about the witch issue.  One of the sheriffs was in Spain in 1610 when Marnie's necromancer witch, Antonia, was burned at the stake.  Whilst burning, exposits this sheriff, Antonia cast a spell that drew dozens of vampires into the sunlight to burn with her.  During this meeting, Pam lets slip that she's seen Eric and, when Bill threatens her, admits that he's with Sookie.  Bill is all GGRRRRRRRRRRR and takes off, leaving poor, rotting Pam to whisper, "I'm sorry, Eric!"

Tommy's understanding of what's in the Ten Commandments:  "Don't kill shit.  And don't fuck with your parents."  That should be on a t-shirt.

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