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True Blood episode recap "Fresh Blood" (S3E11)

Bill storms into Fangtasia, shouting for Sookie and Eric.  Pam intercedes, cold and gloriously bitchy, and when he won't back down, she maces him in the eyes with "colloidal silver - in stock and overpriced at your local health food store."  Gawd, how I love Pam.  The Estonian stripper scurries down the basement stairs and unlocks Sookie, who grabs a length of silver chain and races back up the stairs.  Pam and Bill are currently trying to rip each other to shreds so Sookie loops the chain around Pam's neck and drags her off.  When Pam 'fesses up that Sookie was to be a gift to Russell, Sookie and Bill take off before Eric can get back with the vampire King.  "Don't leave me here with this idiot immigrant!" calls a chained Pam.  Estonian stripper: "Idiot?  In Tallinn I am cardiologist!"

Jesus and Lafayette rehash their V trip, Lafayette admitting that V is crazy and intense but not that crazy and intense.  He is a little wigged out but Jesus is jazzed and wants to take more right away.  Lafayette listens to him and then YIKES! Jesus transforms into a demon and lunges at him, then flashes back to himself.  Lafayette is unsettled but blows it off as an aftershock and refuses to tell Jesus exactly what he saw.  Instead, he tells Jesus that he needs to go home for the night.  Jesus is disappointed but leaves without much fuss.

Jason is struggling with the concept a little: "Like a werewolf ... but a panther."  Crystal is a little frustrated: "Yeah, a WEREpanther!"  She's feeling sorry for herself - "All I got to do is marry my half-brother and let him breed me 'til I'm old or dead" - but Jason is so confused.  He wants to clear his head and goes out to try to find his sister.

Hoyt and Jessica are making out on the couch at the home she shares with Bill.  She cools things off for a bit, telling him that she killed that trucker accidentally, but now she knows how to feed without killing a person.  She won't live on TruBlood: she drinks human blood and she's not going to stop.  Hoyt thinks about this for a moment and then offers his throat to her.  Jessica's eyes widen and she is turned on immediately, climbing her way up his body before straddling him and plunging her fangs into his neck.

Eric finds Russell at an art museum, musing over a painting that Talbot loved.  Russell asks him why he did it and Eric says it was payback for Russell killing his family 1,000 years ago.  The King thinks that's maudlin and chuckles, "You are nothing but a lump of muscle with a blood grudge" and says he can't wait to kill him. Eric says he can offer him day-walking - the ultimate vampire dream, the achievement of which would make Russell nigh on invulnerable.  Russell is intrigued.  Eric's phone rings, a jaunty little tune, and he answers it with a "Not a good time."  Pam, on the other end:  "No shit.  Bill and Sookie escaped and Yvette cleaned out the cash."  She hangs up on him and, after the blonde club bartender finishes unchaining her, Pam grabs her and takes a drink.

Sookie and Bill drive through the night in her little car.  He whinges and moans about her trusting Eric; she points out that after recent events, she can't really trust either of the vampires in her life.  They fantasize together a bit, imagining a new and normal life together where she is a real estate agent and he teaches third grade and goes fishing with Jason, until Eric and Russell drop down into the road in front of them.  Sookie screams and stomps on the brakes.

Sam staggers into his bar, drunk and belligerent.  He insults all his employees (including calling poor Terry a "shellshocked motherfucker," to which Terry replies, "You're gonna hate yourself for sayin that").  When he calls Arlene and Holly bitches, they tell him to wait his own damn tables and walk out.

Oh, who the hell cares about this?  Jason has wandered over to the high school football field and discovers that the current QB1 is using V to enhance his athletic performance.  Whatever.  Also in the "I don't really care" department, Summer shows up at Mrs. Fortenberry's house in tears, saying that Hoyt has rejected her.  They decide they aren't giving up yet.

Tara, after crying her eyes out at Eggs's grave, walks into Merlotte's, amused to see the drunken Sam waiting tables.  She goes over to Andy and bitches him out for covering up Eggs's death.  He tries to explain how fucked up it all was, Maryann messing with everyone's heads, Eggs seeming determined to die, and Jason not knowing what was going on.  In the back room, Sam and Tommy get into a shouting match when Tommy accuses him of acting like Joe Lee - drunk and mean - and Sam, infuriated, fires his little brother and kicks him out of the rental cottage.  Tommy is stunned and immediately apologetic - he has nowhere to go.  But Sam is on a rampage and won't hear it, going back out to the restaurant to kick all the patrons out.  He turns on Tara, who is now sitting at the bar and helping herself to a bottle of tequila, and shouts at her to get out.  She looks at him calmly: "No."

Out in the woods behind the bar, Holly has set up a sacred circle with salt and candles.  She goes on (and on and on and on and on) about the great mother goddess and mixes up a "decoction," telling Arlene she's to drink it four times a day for at least five days.  She also tells Arlene that there's no guarantee that this will work because if this spirit is meant to be born, it will be, nothing they can do about it.  Arlene nods her head and knocks back her first dose.

Lafayette is woken up by [hallucinating?] all his little god dolls and idols talking to him.  He's freaking out.

Russell, Eric, Sookie and Bill arrive at Fangtasia.  As Russell strolls into the club with Sookie in tow, Eric whispers to Bill to hit him.  After being slightly too slow on the uptake, Bill punches him and they start trading blows.  Russell rolls his eyes and continues inside.  The boys stop fighting and Eric says he has a plan.

Sam and Tara sit at the bar, drinking and talking about how Sam may have just lost all the friends he had, and Tara doesn't have any friends really anyway.  They decide to go back to his trailer and screw.  While they are thus occupied, Tommy cuts the alarm wire and cleans out the bar's safe.

Terry wakes Arlene up, frightened because their bed is full of blood.  She is calm, though, and tells him there's no need for an ambulance: she'll get cleaned up and he can take her to the hospital: "I'm sorry, honey, I think we're losing the baby."  At the hospital, however, the doctor tells them not to worry as the baby is fine and dandy.

When Jason gets back to his house, he tells Crystal that he loves her, no matter what she is.  Then she tells him that they have to stop the upcoming DEA raid on Hotshot because of all the innocent, meth-cookin panther kids who just won't survive bein put in the system.  He's like, the folks up there are really sketchy - I saw some guy "chewin on somethin dead."  Crystal:  "That's my double cousin Buford.  He ain't right but he never hurt nobody."  She goes on to say that her daddy Calvin and Felton are nuts and will burn Hotshot to the ground, with everyone in it, if they feel threatened.

Back at Fangtasia, Russell is skeptical that Sookie is even part faerie so Eric tells him to try her blood.  Bill backs Eric up, saying that he's done it and walked in the sunlight, but they should be careful and not drain her or they won't get any more.  Sookie's like, WTF, why are you helping these guys?  He tries to explain that maybe Russell will let them live this way but she is not appeased:  "I hate ALL you guys."  Russell considers and says, well, okay, but Eric, you go first.  Then he and Eric latch onto poor Sookie and start slurping.  She screams and stares at a helpless Bill.

Then, with much trepidation, Eric steps outside into the sunlight while Pam and Russell watch on the CCTV. He moves away from the entrance when he begins to smoke and whispers to himself, "Don't let them see, don't let them see."  Russell is thrilled:  "Faeries!  Fuckin faeries!"  Tears of joy bleed down his face and he walks out after Eric, while Pam remains glued to the t.v. set, crying herself.  Bill pleads with her to unchain him so he can heal poor Sookie with his blood.  When Russell joins Eric, the Viking's face is blistered and starting to scorch, but he chains himself to the King with silver handcuffs, binding them together.  "Traitor," snarls Russell.  They fall to their knees and Eric tells the King to be brave - they'll die together.

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