Monday, July 11, 2011

Recap: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - S1E5 "Queen's Gambit"

Blah blah blah flashback.  In the now, Cromarty-Lazlo knocks on Charley's door, posing as an FBI agent and asking questions about his history with Sarah Connor, a/k/a Reese.  Charley tells Cromarty-Lazlo (I think I'll just stick with "Cromarty" from here on out) that he doesn't know anything about Sarah "Connor" and the Sarah Reese he was engaged to died in explosion eight years ago.  Cromarty gives him a business card and leaves, amazingly without killing anyone.  Charley's wife looks like she might, though.

Andy calls Sarah to let her know that he's rebuilt his computer and has entered Turk II in a computer chess tournament in Pasadena, in case she wants to see him in action.  She does, and heads to the tournament, telling John and Cameron to meet her there after school.  When she gets there, Andy is all a-flutter since the tourney winner gets a military contract for their computer.  Dun dun dun dun!  Sarah watches the match, noting a scruffy-looking guy lurking in the shadows.  Andy's doing really well ... until he isn't, and the Japanese team wins the tournament.

Penny (Charley's wife, but I don't know her name so I'm just going with her name from Lost) tells her husband that she knows he lied to the FBI agent.  He confesses that he saw John.  She gets very upset, reminding him that Sarah is dangerous.

After the Turk II loses, Sarah wonders what to do - since how can the Turk II become SkyNet if it didn't win the contract.  She goes to see Andy and bumps into the scruffy guy - Brian Austin Green, having left all traces of David Silver behind him and looking dang hot - coming out out of Andy's room.  Inside, Andy is dead.  Sarah goes chasing after BAG and they have a big ol' fight.  The cops show up and Sarah scarpers, watching BAG get cuffed and hauled away.

The next day, John hacks into the LAPD system and they determine that BAG is the fourth freedom fighter.  Cameron says that in the future, BAG is one of John's best soldiers.  Unbeknownst to our heroes, however, the Terminator that killed the other three freedom fighters and then escaped has also hacked into the LAPD system, who really ought to upgrade their firewall or something.  This Terminator recognizes BAG and sets out to do something about it.  [For those keeping score, there are three Terminators extant at this point: Cromarty, the freedom-fighter-killer and the powered-down one that Cameron locked behind the blast doors.]

Ellison interrogates BAG.  He shows him photos of all the bodies thus far that are linked by the splashes of Terminator blood (the freedom fighters, the plastic surgeon, the British research guy, etc.).  Ellison asks what he thinks and BAG replies, "We're all going to die."  Cheery!  Ellison thinks that BAG has more to say and wants him transferred to FBI custody from the LAPD.  Out in the hall, the FF-killing Terminator has managed to get himself arrested and brought to LAPD.  Uh-oh!

Sarah poses as a lawyer, I guess, and goes to see BAG.  He is unhappy to see her, saying that she's taking an unnecessary risk coming here.  He also tells her that he didn't kill Andy - he was already dead when BAG went to his room to try to steal the Turk II.  By the way, whoever killed Andy took the computer, so they both (Sarah and BAG) failed in their missions.  He tells her to go find Andy's partner; he'll deal with the Terminator that is after him.  Also, he's Kyle Reese's brother, Derek.  But he doesn't know that Kyle is John's father because of time-travel/keeping secrets/whatever.

The Terminator busts out of its cell easily, looking for Derek.  Luckily, Derek is already on the transport truck.  En route, he gets loose of his cuffs.  Sarah, John and Cameron break him out of the truck but the Terminator is right on top of them.  There's a big fight: Derek gets shot; Cameron manages to pull the chip out of the Terminator's head and that brings him down.  They take Derek back to their house but he's in really bad shape.  When John wants to know why he should be worried about this total stranger bleeding to death on the kitchen table, Sarah tells him that Derek is his uncle.  At this point, Derek needs a doctor but they don't dare take him to a hospital.  John runs off, leaving his mom to try to keep the bleeding under control, and eventually brings Charley, EMT that he is, back to the house.  After Sarah and Charley exchange "holy frigging shit" looks, Charley goes to work on Derek.

In other news, whilst questioning the transport cops on how two 110-pound women managed to make off with his prisoner, Ellison finds the Terminator's torn off hand under a pile of wreckage.  Dun dun dun dun!

Humor:  as Sarah, John and Cameron jump in the car at some point, John says, "I call shotgun."  Without skipping a beat, and deadpan as only a Terminator can do it, Cameron says, "I call 9mm."

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