Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mini movie review: Jennifer's Body

I am soooo clever, following up my teenage-girl-as-werewolf flick with a teenage-girl-as-succubus flick!  If only Jennifer's Body was that clever.  No, no, don't get me wrong - I liked it.  It was funny in spots, and gory and jumpy in spots, and Megan Fox sending up her barely-legal man-eater image as a ... barely-legal man-eater was great, and I loved seeing the Veronica Mars reunion (Amanda Seyfried and Kyle Gallner - who was a supercute little Gothboy), and having Seth Cohen from The O.C. as the villain was fantastic.  But I think I expected more somehow - at the very least better dialogue coming from ol' Diablo Cody, or maybe just dialogue that fit the characters better because a couple of times Needy said something that just didn't click. 

The thing is, expecting more out of Jennifer's Body and not getting it, while not expecting anything out of Ginger Snaps and enjoying it immensely, leads me to this conclusion: if you can only choose one teenage girl monster movie, go with the indie Canadian werewolf.  Unless you're looking for some pretty hot girl on girl smoochies (just smoochies, don't get all het up), in which case go with JB.

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