Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chocolate + Bacon = Mmmmmmmmm

A Secret Non-Sectarian Gift-Giver (you know who you are) recently gave me the greatest gift of all: a Flying Chocolate Pig - "applewood smoked bacon + Alder wood-smoked salt + deep milk chocolate" - from Vosges Haut Chocolate. Finally, two great tastes that taste great together!

Ensconced in an adorable little pig-with-wings shape, this carnivorous candy was devoured in about five bites. The chocolate itself was quite mild, bland almost, with very little mouth feel to it, but studded with tiny chunks of salty, crispy bacon. Since the chocolate was so mellow, the stronger initial flavor is of the bacon; the aftertaste was chocolate, however.

You should have seen me trying to get Mr. Mouse to try a bite. He sniffed it, brought it close a couple of times before licking the chocolate and then nibbling off the teensiest of nibbles, and finally announcing that chocolate and bacon do not go together. He's ridiculous and I think he's wrong. I quite enjoyed my flying chocolate pig and can state definitively that chocolate and bacon do, in fact go together. I think the experience would only be improved with a slightly richer chocolate is all.

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