Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost warning

You don't know how much this pains me to say this, seeing how my Lost recaps are pretty much the lifeblood of this little blog these days, but I may not be able to get the recap for tomorrow's episode up in a timely fashion.

You see, the Mouse-in-laws have been visiting this week. And because the Mouse House is set up strangely, the television (and the DVR) is located in the guest room. And the in-laws go to bed EARLY.

We do have additional cable outlets and I am going to try with all my might to get a television set hooked up in time for tomorrow's episode. If I'm able, then you'll get your recap right on schedule, but perhaps with less detail than normal since I won't be able to pause the t.v. Luckily Lost doesn't tend to have overly complicated dialogue and I can usually capture the previous action during the commercial breaks. If I'm not able, I promise that I will get the recap up and running as soon as humanly possible (- and definitely before Television Without Pity does). Don't abandon all hope - or me!

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